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Breakthrough Cancer Pain
By the American Pain Foundation

Pain is one of the most common, yet misunderstood and feared symptoms of cancer. Breakthrough cancer pain — sudden, temporary flares of severe pain that occur even when pain medication is used — is one of the most challenging aspects of having cancer. However, In most cases, this pain can be controlled.

Watch this video about breakthrough cancer pain and please visit to gain more information.



How To Keep a Pain Diary

In this video, Dr. Russell Portenoy, Pain Medicine Specialist, explains what patients should keep in their pain diaries and how that information will help their doctors provide better care.

Editor's Note: This video is highly recommended for anyone experiencing chronic pain.


When to Begin Hospice

In this video, the President of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization Donald Schumacher covers the different types of hospice care that are available. He also provides advice on how to select a hospice and how to know when your loved ones are ready for Hospice care.

Visit for more information.


The Karmic Reaction of
Committing Suicide

Based on the teachings of the Vedic scriptures, His Holiness Sivarama Swami speaks in this podcast about the unfortunate karmic results of one who takes his own life. He answers the question about what activities we can perform as Vaisnavas to help minimize the suffering of the soul who, for whatever reason, commits suicide. We hope this podcast answers some concerns you may have.



Orienting Ourselves for
Hospice and Palliative Care Work

This is an educational video for those working with dying patients and their families. It makes the point to stop and reflect when dealing with our patients and their loved ones, balancing all of their needs in order for personal and spiritual growth to take place. As one family member taught, "Make a smaller ripple in the energy of the room."


Hospice Care Network
Children's Bereavement Camp


Check out the Hospice Care Network website for more information.



"Caregiver Self Care" Video

This video entitled, "Caregiver Self Care" is a discussion of how to cope with the energy demands of caregiving and how to stay balanced.

Beautiful video made by Vridnavana Lila Devii Dasi, the loving and devoted wife of HG Padmalocan Das, after his departure.

Hospice nurse singing a song to her patient with ALS about going home.

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