ISKCON Health and Welfare Ministry

Dandavats is an independently managed web site dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and information related to Krishna conscious vision, activities and developments worldwide.

This site offers a free seminar for the Hindu community about end of life medical choices, religious services, cremation, legal issues, and financial planning.

The Kirtan Ashram in Vrindavan, India, is the first project dedicated to the women in our Krsna consciousness movement.

This site contains podcasts and many articles written by His Holiness Giriraj Swami. Topics often relate to care of the Vaisnavas, such as the talks given at the opening of the Bhaktivedanta Hospice in Vrindavan, India.

The GVT is a grass roots volunteer group of Krishna devotees who are mostly mental health or educational professionals. Our intention is to provide resources to support married couples and prospective couples primarily in North American ISKCON communities.



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