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Assistance Requested for Locan Prabhu and his terminal daughter Rasa Priya
By Bir Krishna das Goswami

Srila Prabhupada deity made by Locan PrabhuPlease accept my obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Locan Prabhu (ACBSP) has made the Prabhupada Murtis for most of the Deities of Srila Prabhupada that are worshipped in ISKCON temples around the world. Even many of the Deities that were not made directly by Locan were made from the molds that he supplied.

His daughter Rasa Priya is a wonderful Vaisnavi that was born in the movement, and is loved by many devotees, especially in Los Angeles where she spent her youth.

Rasa Priya now has terminal cancer and requires full time care. Her devoted father is giving her that care. Many devotees in our community are assisting him in his rendering of loving care to his daughter in her final days.

I am spending time every day reading and chanting for Rasa Priya.

Locan is caring for his daughter full time (and therefore has been unable to work for an extended period). There are tremendous expenditures due to Rasapriya’s situation, and Locan is in a very very difficult and even dangerous situation financially.

I am making an appeal to compassionate devotees everywhere to help with some laxmi for Locan and Rasa Priya. Whatever amount you can send will help. Please don’t hesitate.

You can Paypal the money to our ISKCON account using the following email address: bkgoswami@earthlink.net Please also put a note with the help that it is for Locan and Rasa Priya. You can wire money too. Please contact me (bkgoswami@earthlink.net) for information on how to do this. You can also send a check made out to ISKCON at the following address (please include a note):

1032 Dimmocks Mill Rd.
Hillsborough, NC 27278

Thank you.

Your servant,
Bir Krishna das Goswami

See request on Dandavats.com

Assistance Requested for Katyayani devi dasi's mother Bhaktin Martha Kowalski‏

October 18, 2012
Katyayani devi dasi has just receintly lost her mother which is causing her a great amount of grief. She is reaching out to the devotee community for 1) assistance in how to handle her grief and 2) monitary assistance so she can get her mother's ashes to india to put them to rest in the holy river. Katyayani has been a faithful follower for many years and her mother loved Srila Prabhupada, the devotees and Krsna and did service for many years.

Please read the following submission written by Katyayani devi dasi and if you would like to contribute to her being able to carry out her mother's wishes to place her ashes in the holy river in India then please use the Donate button on the left. This will go directly to her mother's fund.
If anyone wishes to make a contribution but does not have access to PayPal or other online facility, contributions may be sent to: Kathleen Fink c/o Vaisnavas C.A.R.E. PO Box 2159 Alachua, FL 32616-2159 USA

Dear Devotees,

Katyayani dd, her Mother and Father

Katyayani, her Mother and Father taken at the
temple years ago.

Hare Krsna

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. All glories to the great Vaisnavas/Vaisnavis who work with VaisnvasaCARE.

My name is Katyayani dasi and I assisted Jusaniya Prabhu and Sangita Prabhu many years ago at the beginning stages of this wonderful program.

My mom Martha Kowalski passed two Mondays back last ekadasi September 25.Intellectually and spiritually, I know Krsna is taking care of her and she is o kay but my heart is broken. Even though she was 91, she was active, vibrant and very sharp minded, the night before we were hanging out and laughing and she gave me advise that rings through my brain, "Kathy never ever turn down service to Krsna, this is your only happiness in life. You are my only daughter and I know you, only the company of devotees and the service of Krsna and devotees makes you happy. Promise me you will not let little things bother you or isolate you and that you will always serve Krsna and the devotees".

She herself spent the last 20 years of her life (and some time during the
70s) serving the devotees and actually the Deities directly by doing the
altar laundry for the past several (six, seven, eight) years. She was very
loving towards the devotees and loved wearing garlands and even swung a
little tiny baby Krsna every night for the last few years (I bought it in
Vrndavan for a few rupees) she would sing polish lullabies to Krsna and
substitute Krsna for the word Jezu (Jesus in polish). She loved some of our
temple devotees very much and the night before she left, I brought her a
very opulent garland from Radhastami which she wore proudly and was hanging
in her vision which I hope she glanced on as she left quite unexpectedly.

She asked that I take her remains to Vrndavan with me on my next trip
(quote: I want to go to Vrndavan with you, but I have never been in a plane
that had a covered cockpit (the last time was in the 30's) and I don't think
I could stand the long flight, but I want to go with you in a box and please
place me in River Krsna played in) My brothers all agreed. We put nine maha
garlands and Tulsi devi, Yamuna water, Maha garland and Tulsi leaf from
Krsna Balaram Mandir (used the V-Care kit) before she went to cremation.

Here is my problem: I can't stop grieving. Devotees all say "she might
take birth in devotee family" Some say, she might get higher place because
of her service directly to Deities and piousness. She never took drink, was
chaste to my father, was very pious lady. She didn't chant sixteen rounds
but she did chant. She cried when Srila Prabhupada died. She told me about
it (I was in maya then).

But I miss her. I was the last to see her alive. She kicked me out of her
room in the rehab center to watch dancing with the stars. We thought she had
a year at least left in her. But thinking back, she was tying up loose ends.
I am devastated. I can't get "transcendental" about it. Any suggestions?
We are doing all the right things, planning to sponsor a feast once we get
some money, sponsoring a feast for Kurma Rupa's cows, doing the vrata at
home for her, I am doing my temple seva, chanting extra rounds, but I can't
sleep and I cry all night for her. I talked to her for one hour during my
commute from work every single day. Do you have any suggestions for me? Is
there any book I can read?

Your humble and obviously sentimental fool,
Katyayani-devi dasi

If you would like to write to Katyayani dd please submit your message on our Submission Form page.

Assistance Needed for Eye Camp

Envision – 20/20 by 2020

eye camp    
eye camp   eye camp  


Dear family and friends,

My daughter, Dr Shivi Agrawal who is going into Ophthalmology is conducting an eye clinic in India in two weeks.

The program is called Envision – 20/20 by 2020. The eye camp aims to screen 3000 children in rural India. It is supported by local Ophthalmologists and screens children for eye diseases, correction of refraction for five years and treatment of infections. Other than this vision education and prevention of blindness is also emphasized.

The goal is to raise enough money not just to support the camp but also to provide refractive correction, treatment of infection and a long term study to see the effectiveness of the camp.

We all are trying our best to raise enough money for this endeavor. Shivi applied for a seed grant at her residency program, UPMC Mercy. They had promised her $3000 and at the last minute, awarded her only $1000. SHE NEEDS YOUR HELP! I would appreciate all of your help to pass on this message and collect donation for this noble cause. (The donations are tax deductible).

I have attached [See below] her Proposal and a few pictures from the very rural village in India were she is planning this eye camp. In India, it costs less than 4$ to put a child in glasses. With your generous support, Shivi will be able to screen and establish follow up care for these children for the next 5 years.

She is very committed to this project as she has initiated this project in loving memory of the grandfather. Your kindness can help these less fortunate children excel in their education and in the rest of their lives.
For questions, please call (me) 419-512- 6026 or (Shivi) 419-512-9978.
Email: envisioners@gmail.com

Thank you for your generosity.


Please make checks out to Shivi Agrawal.
5440 5th Ave Apt #49
Pittsburgh, PA 15232

My address is
5019 Pulaski Ave.
Philadelphia pa 19144

[Proposal as PDF]



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